An Indian kitchen is not just a place when food gets cooked for the family. It is also the place where the woman of the home spends a maximum amount of time. Whether you have moved cities or country’s there are certain essential things that an Indian kitchen cannot do without. So below is my list for Basic Requirements To Set Up an Indian Kitchen.

1. Utensils – There are plenty of utensils that will be required when setting up an Indian kitchen. Since the food prepared in one is humongous, various kinds of stainless steel pots and pans, skillets, wide and deep pans and saucepans are required at all times.

Since Indian cuisine consists of various batter preparations, non-stick saute pans and skillets also are required.

Cooking pots and stainless steel pots in different shapes and sizes, that can withstand high temperature are important mainly for preparing dishes that are meant for slow cooking.

Flat pans for rotis and chapattis, mixing bowls in glass and steel of various sizes, cooking spoons and ladles with different shaped lids are all required in ensuring that every kind of preparation has its own tailored cooking utensil.

2. Microwave and Oven – Although not every homeowner is familiar with baking or making desserts, a microwave has uses that far exceed them. These can be used to warm food, get food prepared quickly and even make oil free food preparations. Once you gain sufficient expertise in it, you can go on to make elaborate cakes for your family. Some microwave versions come with in-built oven functions, however I would always recommend going for two separate appliances to make the most out of them.

3. Appliances – Some of the appliances I find handy include a sandwicher, toaster & blender. This can allow you to make quick breakfast for your family.

4. Daily Staples – Since rice, flour, cooking oil and different kinds of dals are staples in an Indian kitchen, these have to be stocked in bulk, sometimes sufficient for the entire month.

5. Quick bites & beverages – Since India is a land of beverage drinkers, there is a regular supply of tea, coffee and sugar that every home must have. To go along with your tea/ coffee it is important to have a stock of biscuits and namkeen.


It goes without saying that a well laid out kitchen is as important as the item/ appliances it carries. Working in the kitchen should be as much fun so you can try on new recipes all the time and make it a great family time. Some People go with traditional carpenter’s to get the job done and design it themselves while some go for professional designers and factory made fixtures and fittings.  You can find many inspirations on the internet to incorporate the best possible design for your kitchen. For investments in apartments with all amenities visit us