Diversified Portofilio –  Investment  Basics.


     There are different asset classes for the investment. Each class varies by the different risk level.  The asset class varies  from stocks, mutual funds , bonds, REITS , Alternative investment funds ( real estate ). It’s very important to diversify the investment into real estate from the traditional investment which includes stocks. Each have their pros and cons as they vary in their returns. Some of them are aggressive & some are decent .If we Consider the inflation while calculating the returns,  stocks prove better than bank fixed deposits which are in lower single digits ( 4%-4.5%). Bonds are more stable which could yield around 5%.  Though the stock market is higher in returns compare to banks, the risk is high.


Portfolio Balance.

It’s very important to keep your portfolio dominated with alternative investments like real estate. real estate has proven to be more stable investment option for hundreds of years. India being at the centre of growth, demands in residential, commercial, hospitality , healthcare  needs more spaces for its growth.  since the sector is not well organized, there is huge scope in the coming decade. don’t miss the opportunity of the growth. Venturecircle provides the services for investing in real estate projects which promises 14% plus returns per annum

Where to Invest ?

It’s very important to spread the portfolio across multiple asset classes. Though the alternative investments ( Category II )  are new to the market , it’s getting traction in the market in the last couple of years. The government and private equity firms are showing more interest in this area.


Its important to keep the portfolio spread across multiple asset classes including stocks, bonds and altenative investments.