Return on Investments

What are the returns of Investing with Venturecircle ?

The net IRR ( Internal return rate ) varies from the project and the asset class based on the location of the project.  Considering the growth in the demand for real estate in India, we can expect  14% to 24%  CAGR for all the projects. The difference between the equity market and Venturecircle is its potential  to cover the risk. Venturecircle invests in the very limited, highly-screened real estate projects from the reputed developers  in the prime locations &  high yielding commercial projects in the secondary market. This not only hedge  the price risk also makes sure always there is a discounted buy at any time. 

What are the different Cities available for Real Estate Investment ?

Venturecircle operates in major cities of India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hubli, Hyderabad and many more. The investment is based on the availibility options. New projects will be keep coming in these cities.  We are planning to move to tier 2 cities of India in the future as there is demand for residential and commercial real estate.

How to compare Venturecircle returns with stocks, fixed deposits, inflation?

Investment Comparision

If we Consider the inflation while calculating the returns, Venturecircle outperforms a Fixed deposit by 300%. Though the stock market is higher in returns compare to banks, the risk is high. Venturecircle plays safely investing in stable assets like real assets by reducing the risk factor. It provides an avenue for passive income for the small investors enabling them access to institutional class assets. Its advisable to have diversified investment.

What are the different investment options available ?

Venturecircle provides different investment options to invest in Indian real estate. 

Commercial Real Estate  Rental properties ( Ready to rent Properties )

Residential Real Estate   Rental Properties ( Ready to rent properties )

Commercial Real Estate / Residential Real Estate  Buyout options at  early stage of project.

What are the estimate returns on the investment ?

Following are the expected returns from the different types of investment

Commercial Rental Properties 6% to 8% + appreciation of the property
Residential Rental Properties3% to 4%  + appreciation of the property
Equity in  Commercial or Residential14% to 20%
Debt in Commercial 12% to 13% ( Fixed )
Debt in Residential12% to 13% ( Fixed )

 Returns comparision

Note :  Venturecircle doesn’t buy or sell the debt. It facilities the debt transaction between buyer and seller against the property. 

Are returns guaranteed 100%

Like any other investment  there is inherent risk involved with every asset class. We at Venturecircle tries to bridge the gap and make sure your investment is safe compare to equity market. Debt has the lowest risk compare to any other investment options as others directly  or indirectly depend on the market conditions , global factors,  political stability etc.