Investment Security

How investments are chosen by Venturecircle ? Are they safe ?

The difference between the equity market and Venturecircle is its potential  to cover the risk. Venturecircle invests in the very limited, highly-screened real estate projects from the reputed developers  in the prime locations &  high yielding commercial projects in the secondary market. This not only hedge  the price risk also makes sure always there is a discounted buy at any time. 

What are the locations for Investment ?

Real Estate is all about Location, Location and Location. We make sure we have chosen the right investment property considering the reports from the reputed agencies. We choose potential Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore, Hubli, Mumbai.

What if online account information is hacked?

Your online portal only displays the investment information, all the assets are physical and  100% safe. Nothing to worry about online data.

How Venturecircle select the Investment Property ?

We  have legal and financial team who will go through the various parameters before deciding the vehicle or investment. There is due diligence process for deciding the property.  We decide property selection on parameters like location of the project, potential for the appreciation, reports from  agencies like JLL, Cushman & Wakefield about the potential of location,  title of the property, history of the property ownership for last 50 years,  clearance from legal department,  approvals  from authority, permissions from the local authorities,  real estate regulatory approvals ( RERA )  if its on going project, developers credibility, quality of construction,  income statements from the developer etc.