Special Purpose Vehicle

Whats Special Purpose Vehicle ( SPV ) ?

Special Purpose Vehicle is a legal entity formed with purpose  to fulfill  transaction or business with an objective to achieve the limited goals  in a short duration.  SPV is registered with government to execute a project  in the defined time frame as agreed  with the other members of the vehicle. 

Who manages the SPV ?

Designed member from the Venturecircle will be managing the SPV with high level of transparency. Special Purpose vehicle is formed for each project identified by Venturecircle for the investment purpose. 

Where can we check the Investment progress ?

Current investments shall be tracked in the Venturecircle.com website. It will detail all the following information.

Total investment in project, Project Location, Project SPV ( Special Purpose Vehicle ), Other partners in the SPV,  Current Project Progress,

options to exit ( if available),  Cash yield payments, Payment history,   Project income statement,  Agreement documents etc.